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Texas Treasure Hunt

Out in our vast Lone Star State, you, as a down-to-earth trailblazer, are faced with a sizeable challenge: to uncover a hidden gem within the sprawling and intricate expanse of the landscape ahead.

Expect none of the ordinary on this wild ride, for the treasure you’re fixin’ to snag takes an offbeat form—a gizmo they call an OpenDime, packin’ the mysterious currency, Bitcoin. It’s stashed in a bag of grain, sealed up tight in a jar with a touch of that rustic charm (check out the picture), just waiting for the one with the grit to claim it. Unravel them clues, and you’ll be wearin’ the crown as its rightful owner.

To dive into this venture, you gotta follow the clues, like tracks in the Texas dust, promising enlightenment as big as the Lone Star State sky. Let those clues be your North Star, guiding you through the wisdom needed for this expedition. What amps up the excitement is that this here treasure, born of the Bitcoin breed, is said to gain value as time rolls on. Swing by the How It Works page for the lowdown on this mystifying escapade and draw wisdom from them who’ve kicked up the dust on this trail before you.


Current Value: 0.00436073 BTC

Address: 1NGzdi6CYXghM7ADPxs4A2dCs769ZXcHcu

Access Code Hint:

From Clue 1, last name

Access Code Hint:

From Clue 2, what the neighbors may live in 

Access Code Hint:

Clue 3 is the start of the name of this worn up there

Access Code Hint:

Street name from Clue 2

Access Code Hint:

Two thirds of a pollinator + opposite of what guy in Clue 1 is


Works best with Wallet of Satoshi and LNbits.

DOES NOT WORK with Blue Wallet or Muun Wallet.

The passwords for the clues will be displayed as success messages in the wallet app when you pay the lightning invoice. You must use a lightning wallet that can display success messages after the transaction is complete.

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X Marks The Bitcoin creates real-world treasure hunts by placing bitcoin treasure in locations across the USA and then providing clues using the Lightning Network.






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