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Pennsylvania Treasure Hunt

Within the Keystone lands of our burgeoning republic, you, as a humble seeker, are confronted with a task of considerable import: the discovery of a concealed treasure within the expansive and intricate tapestry of the landscape before you.

Look not for the commonplace on this enlightened quest, for the coveted treasure you pursue assumes an unusual guise—a contrivance known as an OpenDime, harboring the enigmatic currency, Bitcoin. Nestled within a plastic sack, meticulously sealed in a glass vessel, the OpenDime awaits its chosen possessor. Decipher the cryptic clues, and you shall rightfully ascend to the mantle of its stewardship.

Embark upon this journey by traversing the path delineated by the clues below, a trail that pledges enlightenment akin to the celestial bodies that guide our way. These clues stand as your celestial luminaries, imparting the knowledge required for this expedition. The intrigue heightens as the treasure, born of the Bitcoin blockchain, is rumored to appreciate in value with the passage of time. Turn to the How It Works page for a deeper comprehension of this mystical endeavor and glean wisdom from those who have traversed these lands before you.

Current Value: 0.00100000 BTC

Address: 157uDDvFshLpEzKPH9FQYBcdcEWmpB1WSG

Start Here

This treasure is crowdfunded. Contribute to the treasure to access Clue 1. An access code will appear when you make a contribution. Use that code to access the clue above. Visit the How It Works page for more information.

Access Code Hint:

From Clue 1, smaller than Lake Erie

Access Code Hint:

From Clue 2, living but not a plant

Access Code Hint:

From Clue 3, in then out


Works best with Wallet of Satoshi and LNbits.

Does not work with Blue Wallet or Muun Wallet.

The passwords for the clues will be displayed as success messages in the wallet app when you pay the lightning invoice. You must use a lightning wallet that can display success messages after the transaction is complete.

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X Marks The Bitcoin creates real-world treasure hunts by placing bitcoin treasure in locations across the USA and then providing clues using the Lightning Network.






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