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New Mexico Treasure Hunt

Out here in the vast expanse of New Mexico, amigo, you’ve got a challenge ahead. Your mission, if you’ll ride out for it, is to uncover a hidden treasure within the intricate landscape that stretches before you.

This ain’t your typical journey, as the prize you’re after comes in a newfangled form—a device known as an OpenDime, holding the elusive currency, Bitcoin. It’s waiting for the one with the spirit of the Southwest to claim it. Untangle them clues, and you’ll be the rightful owner, partner.

To navigate this adventure, follow the clues like tracks in the high desert, promising wisdom as vast as our expansive skies. Let those clues be your guide, steering you through with the savvy wits needed for this expedition. What adds a twist to the tale is that this treasure, born of the Bitcoin breed, is said to gain value over time. Check out the How It Works page for the lowdown on this mysterious escapade and draw inspiration from those who’ve tracked this New Mexico trail before you.

Current Value: 0.00100000 BTC



This treasure is crowdfunded. Contribute to the treasure to access Clue 1. An access code will appear when you make a contribution. Use that code to access the clue above. Visit the How It Works page for more information.

Access Code Hint:

From Clue 1, two colors of the two things

Access Code Hint:

In desert dwellings earthy and warm, what gives their walls a sturdy form?

Access Code Hint:

Spice whispers in a vibrant hue, what fiery pods bring flavors true?


Works best with Wallet of Satoshi and LNbits.

Does not work with Blue Wallet or Muun Wallet.

The passwords for the clues will be displayed as success messages in the wallet app when you pay the lightning invoice. You must use a lightning wallet that can display success messages after the transaction is complete.

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X Marks The Bitcoin creates real-world treasure hunts by placing bitcoin treasure in locations across the USA and then providing clues using the Lightning Network.

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