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Los Angeles Treasure Hunt

OMG, like, okay, listen up, babes! So, picture this: you’re in the raddest part of L.A., right? And you’re not just on any ol’ adventure, no way! You’re on a quest for, like, the ultimate treasure, but get this—it’s not your typical treasure hunt, hun! Nah, it’s all about this thing called an OpenDime, packed with, like, Bitcoin magic or whatever. And it’s all sealed up in this, like, totally chic glass jar.

But here’s the catch: you gotta crack the code, follow the clues, and basically be the ultimate sleuth to get your hands on it. Think of it like following the stars in the sky, but, like, way cooler!

So, like, grab your besties, slip on your cutest kicks, and let’s get this treasure hunt party started! Oh, and if you wanna, like, geek out on how it all works, there’s this page that spills all the tea from those who’ve been there, done that. So, like, get ready to slay this quest, babes, ’cause that treasure’s waiting for its glam squad to claim it! 🌟💅🏼🔍

Current Value:   0.00000000 BTC

Address:    1Dun4r45uMzjr9rRSXVv8Tko1eiTkE3Q5A

Have a seat on the wall.

Donate directly to the OpenDime Address above to increase the prize value.

Finders Keepers. Winner Takes All.

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X Marks The Bitcoin creates real-world treasure hunts by placing bitcoin treasure in locations across the USA and then providing clues using the Lightning Network.






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