How It Works

Rule #1

Fund the Treasure

All treasures are crowdfunded. That means that the value of the treasures increase when people contribute to them. The more people contribute, the more the treasure will be worth.

1.   Download Wallet of Satoshi

Wallet of Satoshi works best with LNbits lightning invoices according to tests. Using any other wallet is not recommended.

2.   Contribute to the treasure

Contribute what you want to the treasure. You can contribute directly to the wallet address or contribute when getting the access codes for the clues. (Access codes give access to clue pages.)

3.   Access codes will appear immediately 

Look for access code in the success message when you complete the lightning invoice for your contribution. Otherwise, follow instructions given on the hunt-specific page to access the access codes and/or clue.

Rule #2

Leave No Trace

Be respectful of the planet. Do not litter or disturb the natural environment. Leave no trace means just that: do not leave a trace of yourself behind as you move across the landscape.

1.   Do not dig holes everywhere

The treasures are not buried. You do not need to dig or move or change anything to retrieve the treasures from their hiding spots.

2.   Do not litter

Take out what you bring in. Clean up after yourself and others. Leave search locations less polluted than when you found them.

3.   Respect the land

Remember this land was precious to others in the past and will be precious to others in the future. Respect it and respect them.

4.   The treasure is accessible

You do not need to clear a path to access the treasures. Leave nature undisturbed.

Rule #3

Finders Keepers

It’s one of the first things every child learns on the playground: Finders keepers. If you find it, then it’s yours to keep. Period.

1.   Bitcoin cannot be confiscated

No take-backs. No one can take the bitcoin treasure away from you after you find it. It’s yours forever until you  either sell it, give it away, or lose it. (see #4)

2.   Protect your privacy and security

Finding treasure can spark unexpected reactions from family and friends as well as from the general public. Exercise good privacy and security for your protection. Consider remaining anonymous.

3.   Seek financial education

Finding treasure often comes with unexpected responsibilities. Learn about wealth management and financial planning. Learn about bitcoin. 

4.   Do not sell / give away/ lose your bitcoin (Not financial advice)

Holding onto your bitcoin treasure can be difficult. Avoid selling or giving away your bitcoin. Also take steps to secure your bitcoin on cold storage and keep your private keys safe and secure. NFA.

Rule #4

Safety First

We all take things too far sometimes. If you find yourself tight rope walking between cliffs over shark infested waters, you definitely have.

1.   Locations are safe and accessible to the public

The locations where the treasures are hidden are safe and public. You do not need to do anything dangerous to access these locations. 

2.   Plan ahead

Each hunt is different, and while some may be a walk in the park, others may be designed to take you on more complex adventures. Take time to think things through and understand the difficulty level.

3.   Obey local safety guidance

Every location is different. Beware of local safety and security laws. Do not trespass or hunt for treasure on private property without permission.

4.   Be prepared

Carry a first aid kit and have a way to contact emergency services. Tell someone else where you are going to search and wear proper attire. The more prepared for the hunt you are, the better.