Crowdfunded Treasure

All treasures are crowdfunded.

The values of the treasures increase when you contribute to them.

All of your contribution goes into the treasure. 

“We put the ‘fun’ in crowdfunding.” 

– Abraham Lincoln – Michael Scott


Crowdfunding Bitcoin Treasure Hunts

Crowdfunding the treasures decentralizes the funding of X Marks The Bitcoin. This model allows for a distributed and decentralized approach to financing. By reducing reliance on a single funding source, X Marks The Bitcoin enhances the resilience of the project and builds a community with skin in the game.

Crucially, crowdfunding the treasures decentralizes decision-making and control when it comes to the size of the treasure. The size of the treasure is a reflection of the number of participants and contributions, and the treasure amount grows over time. 

Two Ways To Contribute

Option 1: Directly send Bitcoin to the Wallet address of the OpenDime USB stick. The address of each treasure wallet is available on the hunt page. This option allows contributors to bypass intermediaries and allocate all of their contribution directly into the treasure fund. However, Option 1 does not give access to the clues.

Option 2: Contribute when accessing the clues. All of your contribution is directed to the treasure via an open source Lightning payment processor called LNbits. In return for the contribution, the LNbits server will provide an access code to the first clue in the hunt. You can contribute as little as 100 sats to access the clues.