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Austin Treasure Hunt

Listen up, y’all, ’cause I reckon I got a tale worth tellin’. Out here in the heart of Texas, amidst the wilds and the dust, lies a challenge fit for the stoutest of souls.

Now, you ain’t huntin’ for your usual fare on this here journey. No, siree! You’re after somethin’ mighty peculiar—a thing called an OpenDime, holdin’ the secrets of a currency they call Bitcoin. Wrapped up tight in a glass jar, it’s waitin’ for someone bold enough to claim it. But claimin’ it won’t come easy; you gotta decipher the riddles laid out before you, like stars in the night sky.

So strap on your boots, saddle up your horse, and follow the clues I’m ’bout to lay out for ya. They’ll lead you on a path to enlightenment, just like them stars that guide us home. And mark my words, that treasure, born from the Bitcoin chain, they say it grows more valuable with each passin’ day. Now, if you’re lookin’ to understand the ins and outs of this mystical journey, head on over to the How It Works page. There, you’ll find the wisdom of them who’ve tread these lands before you. So go on, take up the challenge, and see if you got what it takes to claim that hidden fortune.

Current Value:   0.00001500 BTC

Address:    1CpDU4yacu1NQm9VFW2DVuLaUcc3NJDsj6

Donate directly to the OpenDime Address above to increase the prize value.

Finders Keepers. Winner Takes All.

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X Marks The Bitcoin creates real-world treasure hunts by placing bitcoin treasure in locations across the USA and then providing clues using the Lightning Network.






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