Dear reader,

Let me begin by saying that the picture here is not me. It is an AI generated photo of a young man. The reason I have chosen to provide this photo has to do with satisfying certain SEO requirements for Google Rankings. If this requirement were not in place, I would not include a photo at all. That is because, dear reader, I wish to remain anonymous for as long as I can.

Embracing the allure of anonymity within this project, I acknowledge that my preference for staying in the shadows may initially raise concerns. The very essence of our endeavor hinges on your trust in my assertion that the treasures are precisely where I claim they are. The conundrum, however, is evident – how can you extend your trust when the face behind the plan remains shrouded in mystery?

It’s a valid concern, one that I wholeheartedly understand. In a world where skepticism often overshadows belief, I recognize that convincing skeptics of the authenticity of these treasure hunts is no small feat. Yet, it is precisely within this challenge that the opportunity for persuasion lies.

Allow me to be candid – I am acutely aware that mere words are insufficient; trust is, like bitcoin, an intangible currency earned through tangible actions. My dedication to this venture goes beyond rhetoric – it manifests in the meticulous planning of expeditions, the strategic placement of treasures, the administration of this website, and the intricate design of the entire experience.

Crucially, I have also taken steps to protect your anonymity by using OpenDimes. OpenDimes are purpose-built to be exchanged like cash, and are anonymous in a similar way as cash. That means that you, dear reader, can go find these treasures and collect them anonymously.

Having taken the above steps for our mutual protection, I invite you to consider this quest not as a blind leap of faith, but rather as a shared journey where trust is cultivated through every interaction with the lightning network and revelation from a clue. Let the treasures, once discovered, not only be a reward for trusting each other, but also a testament to the belief in a better world that we build collectively through the use of bitcoin.

As for my personal motivation: I have been a bitcoiner for 10 years. I wish bitcoin treasure hunts existed, so I’m creating them. It’s as simple as that. This project is my way of giving back and doing something fun with bitcoin.

Thank you and happy treasure hunting,